How do the objects in this exhibition express culture... regard to the artists’ perspectives? how the public interprets the artwork?

...and how might these objects, in turn, influence culture?

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This exhibit explores object based learning--learning by visually analyzing objects in hope the analysis will reveal the context in which the object was made.¬†Whether it is an historic artifact, a work of art, or a utilitarian object, looking at how and why it was produced, who produced it, and the cultural era and context it came from tells us something about the¬†cultural, social, political, and personal context of the object’s creation. And this information may well challenge what we've always believed.

This is an active form of learning. Participants must bring their own unique experiences, feelings, and thoughts into the process. This type of learning can assist participants in understanding where their perspectives come from and how they may influence the analysis of the object. And, it is visual learning that can take place outside the classroom, gallery, or museum, as this analysis can be done at anytime with objects from everyday life.